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Democratize cancer research with us.

The first DAO exclusively funding cancer research initiatives.

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How? Good question!

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NFT Collection

Our recently released Genesis NFT collection will begin to generate the AntidoteDAO ecosystem and raise the initial funds for our cause. Ownership of an NFT is required to be eligible for a grant / publish through us.

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The Future of Science is Decentralized + Community Owned 

Antidote Ecosystem

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Typical Charity



Only ~67% of money is donated

Over 85% of money is donated

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Funding Objectives


~$15K Donations to Local Impacting Projects/Patients

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 $100K+ Grants to Seed Fund Cancer Research Teams

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~$30K Investments into other Projects/Organizations

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Wait, is this
a charity?

Antidote accepts direct donations, but is a cancer-focused BioTech DAO.




  • Why did you choose cancer as the focus of this project?
    There are almost 8 billion people in the world, and one thing we all have in common is that every one of us has a loved one, family member, or friend who has been touched by the evil hand of cancer. Cancer is the second-highest cause of death in the world, with close to 20 million new cases annually. Preventing cancer and finding a cure to this terrible disease is one of the most significant public health challenges of the 21st century. To help fight this growing epidemic, governments and private charities alike have funded projects to better understand this disease and to find a cure. Unfortunately, funding of these initiatives from government grants has not kept pace with inflation or the growing number of potential research projects to invest in. In fact, traditional grant sizes have remained stagnant for the last 10 years. At the same time, charitable contributions have also fallen by almost 20%, reminiscent of the lasting social and economic impact that Covid-19 has left on society. Faced with these two harsh realities, the fight against cancer has become more challenging. The goal of AntidoteDAO is to directly fund cancer research and other initiatives to improve the lives of people with cancer. Nonprofits compete with one another for donations. By pooling a large amount of funds and allocating them decisively, we can efficiently fund different cancer related initiatives (patients, research, organizations, etc.) AntidoteDAO Corp is a Texas-based 501C3 Charity Organization.
  • Why are you leveraging web3 instead of creating a charity?
    We, the web3/blockchain/crypto community, have an opportunity to partner directly with the cancer research community to utilize our strengths in raising funds and decentralized science to support cancer research. We are introducing more democratic, open, and transparent methods in this fight to cure cancer. Collaboration and open research in the scientific community can accelerate these R&D efforts.
  • Are you scientists?
    No we're not scientists, but we know a few! Thus we've created a Scientific Advisory Committee: The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is made up of members of the Cancer Research Scientific community; the size of the SAC may fluctuate based on the number of funded projects, which will be dictated by treasury size. This committee is led by Dr. Keri Schadler , BS, Ph.D. Tenured Professor in the Department of Pediatric Research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX. She also sits on the Board of Advisors for the Antidote DAO charitable organization. Collectively, the Antidote team has identified 5 potential additional SAC members from institutions across the globe. This team has the responsibility to review the LOIs submitted for funding consideration and curate a selection of proposals for the DAO to put up for a vote to the community.
  • What are your core principals?
    1. Leverage our crypto community to find a cure for cancer. 2. Decrease the time and effort spent by scientists writing grants to gain funding, making research more efficient. 3. Utilize the world’s best researchers to participate in AntidoteDAO initiatives by promoting Decentralized Science (DeSci)(Section 6) and open science principles, making them more effective. 4. Enable the evolution of the research and development (R&D) community to utilize blockchain-based technology, making these efforts more transparent and efficient. 5. Create a strong financial ecosystem for AntidoteDAO’s $C4C token and NFTs. 6. Leverage our small community to illustrate the positive impact that Crypto can have on the global community. We will publicize our success and grow our community accordingly. 7. Ensure all community members’ voices are heard and carry weight, not just the voice of the people with the largest financial stake. 8. Our AntidoteDAO will globally use the Crypto4Cancer platform to support these 3 funding initiatives: ● Crypto 4 Community – Small-sized grants (5ETH) sponsored by the DAO focused on helping cancer patients through community outreach. ● Crypto 4 Collaboration - Medium-sized grants (10ETH) sponsored by the DAO focused on collaborating with institutions, businesses, other DeFi and DeSci organizations which will have a positive impact on cancer patients and help to raise awareness and funds for future projects. ● Crypto 4 Cure – Large-sized seed grants (30ETH) sponsored by the DAO and vetted by our Scientific Advisory Board that will be awarded to large cancer-focused R&D institutions.
  • Wait, where does the donation money come from?
    A portion of NFT and token proceeds will be allocated to the treasury. As the project grows and we move to a DAO, the treasury will be controlled by the community. They can then go ahead and create and vote on proposals that will solidify what grants and initiatives we fund. We will also accept direct donations in Fiat/Crypto that will aid in development and also fund our DAO.
  • How do you know if a grant is worth funding?
    These 5 weighting criteria will need to be fulfilled to achieve these SMART objectives. The proposal must be: - Specific: What is the goal of the project they are submitting and how does it tie to the Cancer community. This can be a specific research initiative, outreach program, or collaboration project between other communities. - Measurable: What is the organization or laboratory trying to achieve through this research? Is there quantitative information supporting this research to show that it will be impactful? - Achievable: How can this objective be accomplished? Given the current time frame or environment, can this objective be achieved? Should we scale it up or down? - Realistic: Will this objective lead to achieving this organization's goals? Does it seem worthwhile to measure this objective? Does it seem reasonable to measure this objective? - Time-bound: When will this initiative be achieved? Is it aimed for the near future or in a long time?
  • Why the rebrand from Cancer Coin to AntidoteDAO?
    BSC (the platform we were previously on) has had a reputation of pump and dump projects or projects that have been rugged. Moving to the ETH network will hopefully allow our project to gain credibility as a legitimate project aiming to eradicate cancer Holders of our previous token will have different compensation options. We will update the Discord group with info regarding this Our project is community based. Becoming a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will allow the community to have a say in decisions based around this project We hope to gain credibility in the crypto community and establish the DAO as a long-lasting project
  • What is a DAO?
    DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – are changing how organizations are coordinating their activities to create value. AntidoteDAO is decentralized because: - Control over its operations does not reside in a single location AntidoteDAO is autonomous because: - The smart contracts that govern its operations determine how the AntidoteDAO functions, without the need for human intervention DAOs are a paradigm shift in the very idea of typical organizations, offering complete transparency, total token holder control, unprecedented flexibility, and autonomous governance. Once launched, this project will live forever and continue to fund cancer initiatives as long as the NFTs and $C4C token is being traded. The AntidoteDAO community will help direct where these funds will go. AntidoteDAO uses blockchain technology and programmable incentives to solve issues traditionally faced by global organizations, such as financial transparency, process automation, governance, and aligning geographically-separated, individual stakeholders in pursuit of a common goal. By combining the-art technology with new token-economic, governance, and financial models, AntidoteDAO can provide substantial benefits for its members. With AntidoteDAO, communities can leverage the strengths of all members, turning them into active stakeholders to grow the network together.
  • What is DeSci?
    As described by DeSci advocate and neuroscientist Sarah Hamburg, “ [DeSci is]Still in its infancy[.] Decentralized Science (DeSci) lies at the intersection of two broader trends: 1) Efforts within the scientific community to change how research is funded and knowledge is shared, and 2) Efforts within the crypto-focused movement to shift ownership and value away from industry intermediaries. The DeSci movement aims to enhance scientific funding; make knowledge accessible; eliminate reliance on profit-hungry intermediaries such as publisher conglomerates; and increase collaboration across the field. DeSci aims to combat censorship through smart contracts and leverages its blockchain technology to incentivize communities to take part in transparency and fund its models. It aims to rid powerful individuals from “owning” science. Progress has been made in the cancer research community toward these DeSci goals. For example, the National Center for Biotechnology Information maintains public data repositories such as Gene Expression Omnibus ( , where research teams “dump” functional genomics data for use by others. Similarly, many scientists now publish their findings as soon as they are confident in the quality of the data on public websites such as, which circumvents publication costs and data sharing delays associated with traditional journals. The DeSci movement aims to build upon initiatives like these with the ultimate goal of removing barriers to the utilization of science for the betterment of human health.
Coming Soon

Meet The Founder

Niko Katsuyoshi

Hey! My name is Niko, and I am a student-athlete at Harvard University studying Economics. I've always been fascinated by the developments in cryptocurrency and its applications in solving different problems. I've also lost many loved ones to cancer in the past. I thought there was no better way to bring the power of blockchain technology and charitable giving together to help make a positive impact with the help of others.

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Join our Discord and meet the AntidoteDAO Community!


AntidoteDAO was created by Niko Katsuyoshi in late 2021 to take advantage of the developments in crypto/blockchain technology and aid developments in curing different cancers. Having lost countless family members to the terrible disease, he wanted to be able to do something bigger to help. As a BioTech DAO, AntidoteDAO will ultimately become community-controlled and fund cancer research directly.

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DISCLOSURE By purchasing AntidoteDAO's token or NFT, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although AntidoteDAO is a community-driven Defi Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and are not investments.

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