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Genesis NFTs

Collection Size: 1,000 Antidotes

Mint Price: $100 USD

Mint Date: Out Now

Collection Details

AntidoteDAO's randomly generated collection of 1000 Antidote-themed pixel art NFTs will serve as the first form of governance in deciding where we allocate funds. The collection is OUT NOW!

The purpose of this collection is to fund our initial treasury and begin our community grantmaking process.

AntidoteDAO's NFTs perpetually donate money as they are resold on the secondary market.

Antidote DAO NFT Charity crypto



Randomly Generated NFT's


Of Proceeds Allocated to Development


Royalty Fee On Every Secondary Sale


Of Proceeds Allocated to our Treasury


Of Proceeds Allocated to Marketing


Of Royalties Allocated to Treasury



DAO Governance


Charitable Donation


Unique Digital Collectible

Exploratory Utility

Ideas we are looking into

NFT Illustration
Filling Out Tax Form


We can send FREE Merchandise to our biggest supporters.

These will be high-quality hoodies for you to represent us and our values in the real world!

Exclusive 1/1
NFT Auctions

We can utilize our platform to help sell the artwork of those fighting cancer and donate proceeds back to them.

In exchange, a small portion of these proceeds will go toward our DAO to aid more warriors and further our cause.

These auctions will be exclusive to AntidoteDAO NFT holders and grant governance in their own right.


In the future, as we fund research grants, we hope to turn the IP (intellectual property) owned into NFTs. This IP will be collectively owned by the DAO and therefore our community.

Tax Write Off

Upon minting, you can receive a charitable donation receipt for the value of your donation. This may be used for tax relief purposes.

A person using VR wearable device


Through the NFT you can receive varying access to future potential sandbox locations, virtual groups, meetings, and events.  

Higher Value NFTs


Higher-value NFTs come from images generated during our research efforts. These NFTs can come with additional utility. For example, a person who wins the auction for one of these (1/1) has the right to name the next Cure SEED Grant given to a cancer research institution. They can name it after themself or whatever they'd like (as long as it's appropriate).

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